5 Tips For Better Pictures Of Your Pets With a Smart Phone


I am so excited to share some pet photography tips with you today!


Tip 1: Get up close and personal

My favorite captures of my pets are when I get right on their level or right up close. as long as you have friendly pets try getting right in front of their faces to snatch those fun close up shots. Don’t be afraid to lay on the floor with them or put them up on a chair, table, stool or the bed. As long as they’re safe just keep snapping away until you get that perfect shot!


Tip 2: Always Natural Light

I always shoot in natural light, and I never use a flash. I do most of my photographing by windows, doorways or outside so I have lots of nice, natural light coming through on my subjects. Try and have your pets facing towards the light to get those catch lights or little glimmers of light right in their eyes which is what will really help make your images pop!


Tip 3: Have fun with your pet

I love photographing my pets in different and sometimes silly places that you wouldn’t normally see a pet. This can be in a basket, on a fancy chair, on the kitchen counter, you name it and I’ve probably tried it! As long as they’re safe it’s fair game and how I come up with some of my favorite images. Think outside the box and keep trying to places!


Tip 4: Props are my favorite with pets

Photographing pets with party hats, crowns, bow ties and more is like my all time favorite! It’s taking to ordinary things that don’t belong together and putting them together somehow make for the cutest pictures ever! I usually like simple props but play with it and see what you like. Pets in accessories make people smile and making people smile is my favorite too!


Tip 5: Just keep shooting

I always say this but I’m going to say it again, just keep taking pictures and then take some more. I take between 100 and 400 hundred pictures a day. Of course that’s crazy and this is my profession but if you want to get that wow shot you’ve got to be taking a lot of pictures. Especially with pets because they move fast, and can be tricky to photograph, so when I’m taking pictures of my pets I always shoot a lot. You can go back later and delete the bad ones but you are way more likely to get a great image if you keep moving and photographing from different angles in hopes of catching the one!

I hope this helps the next time you go to photograph your pets and I can’t wait to share more smart phone photography tips soon!

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  • Oh my, these are so cute! I need to try these tips with my dog.

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