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Hello!  My name is Lindsey Bonnice, and I am so glad you stopped by to learn a little about me!  Here at Live Sweet, I write from the heart to inspire and encourage creative and sweet living!  My life and my walls are filled with whimsy and color!  I am a children’s portrait photographer and children’s designer by trade, but also a lover of all things handmade, interior decorating, adorable packaging and pretty sweets! I share my Eastern PA home with my handsome husband of nine years, our sweet and energetic six year old son and adorable, sassy two year old daughter! I am also a huge animal lover and have two dogs, two cats, one rabbit, one tortoise, one little piggy and two of the cutest little lambs you ever did meet! You are sure to meet all of them here on the blog from time to time, along with fabulous DIY’s, What I’m crushing on today where I share some of my favorite shops and products, and recipes of my favorite pretty sweets!  I also am the owner and creator behind Live Sweet Shop were we sell “whimsical gifts for the young and young at heart”! Live Sweet is also the home of the Treat Yourself monthly box which is a wildly popular box full of goodies hand selected by me and shipped to your door each month! I look forward to sharing all sorts of fun here with you and hope to get to know all of you a little too!

I have put together a little flipgram that I feel gives you a little taste of who I am, I hope you enjoy it!!

If you would like to learn more about me, or have any questions, you can reach me at livesweetphotography@gmail.com

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  • Krystal Velez

    I was interested in getting newborn photos. I am due August 9th. I was wondering if you provide props, prices and if you have available dates around that date. You can either email m or my number is 215-528-0446. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello Lindsey – Your package arrived today and put a huge smile on my face – I love everything so much – thank you for being such a lovely person and student of mine, it’s an honor to know you. Your blog and work are so gorgeous. Everything you made really touched my heart, so thank you for sending that gift. You are amazing – I had to take photos of it and put it on my instagram (@decor8). Thank you again dear Lindsey – sending love across the miles!!!

  • Cathrine Josefsson

    i’m in Love whiith your pictures..

  • Camille

    LOVE ALL OF THIS! Where are you located? (I may have missed that part.) I would love to have you come take pics~ if not, I will be a loyal follower. Love everything here~beautiful~

  • Chelsea Newman

    Hello I would love you to take photos of my twins. Where are you located at? On Instagram pages says that When you purchase items from your website and helps families with the adoption of their little ones I was just wondering what agency are you with. I think this is so awesome I am adopted and I adopted a set of twin girls adoption is such a beautiful thing thank you I hope to hear back from you soon Chelsea Newman

  • Christina

    I adore your pictures!!! Just read your article on “a beautiful mess” and came to visit your blog in an instant (:
    Theres just one question thats bothering me: Why do you only have one single rabbit? By nature they are not supposed to be held alone and need at least one companion :((

  • admin

    I know, it’s so sad isn’t it? My little one doesn’t like to play with others. We’ve tried to match our bunny up with others, but it has never worked out.

  • admin

    We are in Eastern PA. Yes part of the sale of our Sweeties goes to families we choose to help out. We like to help out people from different locations.

  • admin

    Oh thank you so much! I’m in Eastern PA.

  • admin

    Thank you so much!

  • admin

    Aww thank you so much! I’m glad you love everything!

  • Kathleen gomez

    Sing me up for newsletter please Ty

  • akhilesh singh


    I have been following your blog for quite a while and love the content and information that you offer your readers. I am reaching out today to see if you would be interested in a sponsored post for your blog. I believe I can provide value for your readers and share my knowledge for gift categories with good DA and PA 40-50. Please let me know how much do you charge per post?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  • Danielle Kelly

    Hi Lindsey!

    I adore following your Instagram with all your sweet babies and animal babies! What a beautiful family you have. I wondered if I could ask you a personal question about adoption, but if it’s too confidential I completely understand. I have a good friend who wants to adopt and doesn’t know where to begin. Is there any advice you could give on finding an agency or one you would recommend! I’m also very interested as I’m very interested in adopting down the road. Let me know if you can I’ve my any advice!


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