The best way to eat yogurt


As you can see Mr.Finn is kind of a moose! He’s always been a pretty big eater but when he’s teething he resorts back to bottle only please. The other day I decided to try and coerce him into eating some yogurt by giving him his own spoon and letting him go for it. The results of course were crazy messy and crazy adorable! Moral of the story is he had a blast, got a little yogurt in his mouth and did pretty darn good with a spoon for his first time using one, I can’t wait to watch him grow in his self feeding skills over the coming months!


I thought I would share a couple photo taking tips here since I’m so in love with all of these pictures! I love the direct light coming in on the side of Finn’s face, it’s so beautiful and gives him that sweet little glow. I am always on the lookout for good light and you should be too! It takes sometime to learn to shoot with light but as long as you practice you will just keep getting better. When photographing a specific milestone in my littles life I want to remember all the little details so I really try and get close and photograph them from all different angles. Try things you wouldn’t normally think of or views that you may not think are the most beautiful portrait but are more about telling the story. Like this closeup of his hand clutching the spoon.


We love our Beaba baby spoons the best!


I know that all of these pictures aren’t perfect but I sure do love how the capture exactly what’s going on and make me feel like I’m reliving this fun and beautiful moment with our sweet Finny!


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