Smart Phone Photography Tips: Photographing Mobile Babies


I’ll eat you up I love you so!

Finn is literally the hardest baby to photograph!! I have photographed hundreds of babies over the years, but this little guy of mine just does not want to sit or lay still for anything! He won’t even sit in a chair because he has no fear and throws himself right out because he knows I’m always there to catch him. Of course I am very determined so I try and try until I finally get something! I also have a few tips I’ve found are helpful to capture pictures I love of him.

Tip 1: Try to pick times when your littles are happy to start with, if they are too tired or hungry you are asking for things to go bad from the start so make sure you’ve got a somewhat well rested and well fed mini model

Tip 2: Bring in the troops, I do most of my shooting solo but with Finn being so difficult right now I try and wait to take pictures of him when someone else is around and can help. I usually ask them to help make him laugh by tickling him and then jumping back quick or by playing peek-a-boo with him. Noah or Libby are often that other person but he loves them the best anyway so they are great for helping to get his attention.

Tip 3: Keep moving, yourself and your babe. If one pose or spot doesn’t work I move him or myself. I will photograph Finn in 4 or 5 different places or poses within 5 minutes and just keep shooting. Get above them, below them, on their level, in front behind and just keep shooting. Most of images turn out completely different than I first imagined in my head but you know what they’re better because they happened on their own and that’s why I love them. I set something up but then I let life happen, let them roll and giggle and spin and just keep shooting high and low and you’re almost sure to get something fabulous!

Tip 4: Be fast, like really fast. I shoot all my images for IG and here on my Iphone but I make sure I have my phone out, on and my camera app open before I put him where I want to photograph him and then I shoot lots and fast. With little ones you are literally limited to minutes or even seconds to catch THE SHOT!

Tip 5: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get something the first time or even the second time. Little ones are hard and fast and non stop. Try again and then again and again. I’m literally photographing on and off throughout the day almost every day whenever I see a good opportunity, happy baby, pretty lighting, silly memory. It takes lots of practice and patience with these babes but getting even one shot is worth like a million dollars to somehow stop time and know that you have a small piece of them to cherish for evermore right?!

Oh yea and when all else fails give him a little lick of a lollipop and snap away! Bribery starts young in this house! We are crazy for these amazing shark baby sleeping bags from @zazubaby they are just the cutest!

And if you are super excited about learning more about Smart phone photography and are going to Pinners Conference in GA this April use code: LIVESWEET for 10% off registration and join my class Capturing Sweet Moments with Your Smart Phone!! I am so honored to be speaking and am so looking forward to meeting so many of you that I share with here on a daily basis!!



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