Introducing Calvin and Hobbes the baby goat brothers


This past Saturday we heard from a friend that a local farm had two baby goats whose mama was having a hard time caring for them. She was rejecting them which meant they would need to be bottle fed. Bottle feeding is a lot of work and requires feedings about every four hours but we were excited for the opportunity to adopt these sweet boys and give them the love and nurturing they need. On Sunday we went to visit the farm and fell in love with our boys and brought them home to raise as our own! They are sweet as can be and also fun and frisky!


The kids are so in love, especially Miss Libby who just wants to snuggle them all day! They wear diapers when they play in the house, sleep in a large playpen and go outside to run around and play several times a day. I feel so blessed that I get to share all these special things with my children such as raising bottle baby goats. It’s a lot of work and responsibility but it helps teach them so much about love, compassion, hard work and working for things that mean something to you in life!


Thank you to all of you who shared name ideas, it was so fun reading through them all! We decided to go with Calvin and Hobbes because both my husband and I love their comic strips and goats are both adorable, into everything and mischievous just like Calvin and Hobbes! The one with the deeper caramel is Hobbes and the one with lighter tan on his face is Calvin. I will be posting lots more fun pics and updates of them here and over on our IG account so be sure to keep watching for more goaty cuteness!


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