Introducing Teddy the Hamster


Noah has been asking for quite awhile now for his very own pet. We of course have plenty of pets to go around and love on, but there is just something about having a pet of your own that is your responsibility to care for and love. Over the last few years I have just kept saying that I didn’t think he was quite ready to take care of all the things a pet requires. Recently however he has stepped up and helped out a lot around the house, he is helping with dishes, picking up, caring for different things for the other animals and being a huge help with both Libby and Finn. So after thinking it over I decided I would surprise him with his own pet for an early birthday present! He’s been asking for a hamster for years so we decided to go for it!

I am super picky about my animal cages as I want them to be both a wonderful home for our pet as well as fit well into our home. We found the most amazing hamster house from Omlet , they also made our duck and rabbit run which you can read more about here , that we already had and loved so it was a no brainer to try the hamster house out. I love it because it looks like a piece of furniture so Mr.Teddy can be hanging out with the rest of the family and my living room still looks pretty! I love pieces that are both functional and look good. The other thing I love about the cage is how easy it is to clean. Noah will be cleaning it out, so easy clean up was a must. The bottom of the cage is a clear plastic bin that slides out for easy cleaning. All you have to do is dump out your bedding, wipe out your bin and put new bedding in. The top of the cage has a plastic base that can be easily wiped down, but with the two separate floors Teddy does most of his sleeping and going to the bathroom downstairs and most of his eating and playing upstairs. He’s crazy for the wheel and spends most of the evening running on it which has been so fun to watch. I also love that the cage is open on both the front and the back so we can watch him from both sides. All three of the kids are loving just watching him while he runs around and plays in his cage.



Noah is just smitten. He gets Teddy out each day to play in his ball, cleans his cage a few times a week and makes sure he has fresh food and water. He’s loving the responsibility and joy of having his own pet and I am so proud of him for being such a good pet owner!


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