Meet our “adopting family” for November, Ginner Saint.  A portion of all November sweetie sales form our Live Sweet Shop will go to the Saint family to help her bring her sweetie home.

Ginner is looking forward to welcoming a brand new baby!

Thank you for helping Live Sweet bring a little sweetie home to their forever family!


Brief adoption story:

I’ve known for a long time that I would someday adopt, but I never thought I would do it as a single woman. In January, I started praying for two things – that God would take me out of my comfort zone and that I would get to be a mother. In February, I felt God leading me toward adoption, so I got started and I haven’t looked back since. There was one point in this journey when I worried about bonding, but over the past months that worry has completely disappeared. I’m so in love with this child God has chosen for me and I don’t even know them! Doing this on my own, I know that I will face a lot of challenges – but I asked for God to bring me to a place where I can only move forward under his power. And here I am! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I know you may not need it, but my full story is on my blog. It’s hard to take the past 8 months and put them into a few sentences 🙂 

Where you are currently at in your adoption process:

I just completed my home study on Friday (yay!!). I will be joining my agency’s network within the next 2 weeks and will officially be a waiting family. It’s thrilling and daunting all at the same time, but I’m so ready.

What country you are adopting from and age of child you are adopting:

I’m pursuing domestic infant adoption

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