Live Sweet Shop Christmas Line Launches Today


We are so excited about the launch of our gorgeous new Christmas line over in our Live Sweet Shop tonight at 9pm est! These pieces are all inspired by favorite things and resemble a vintage pastel Christmas! I can’t wait to cuddle with my kids under these oh so soft and cozy Christmas blankets and decorate our home with our darling holiday pillows and stockings! And the little rattles are perfect for baby’s first Christmas!

All our holiday items are available through preorder only until next Tuesday the 15th so be sure to snag your favorites in the shop before it’s too late!

2016-11-07_00022016-11-07_00032016-11-07_00042016-11-07_00052016-11-07_00062016-11-07_00072016-11-07_00082016-11-07_00092016-11-07_0010SHOP NOW!!

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L~ F~:
  • Your article was exlcelent and erudite.

  • You want to watch your animal die a slow and often painful death? I did it. No, they are not human beings. They are cats or dogs. We have the power to release them from suffering, present or imminent. The guilt is from holding onto them too long, based on sentimentality and anthropomorphizing them into things they cannot be: human beings.

  • Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. 🙂

  • You should have Hedley kiss you inside out and Hedley hand grenade. Best songs EVER. They played them when i was at their concert.

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