Mermaid Curls and New Bathing Suits


I only get to wear my hair down about once a week(cause babies you know!) but when I do I love to wear my big natural curls! My favorite products to use right now are Deva Curl. After I wash my hair I towel dry it just slightly and then add about 4 pumps of Deva Curl Styling Cream mixed with the same amount of Deva Curl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam. I run this through my hair and then blow it dry with the DevaCurl Deva Fuser. I love how these products help hold my curls together without the added weight and stickiness that most products leave behind. On day two I just spray on some Deva Dry shampoo and either style it down again on a rare occasion or throw it up in a messy bun! My hair has been curly since I was a baby. I didn’t like it as a child but I’ve grown to love it as an adult and feel like it is a big part of what makes me, me. ¬†Fun, all of the place, messy and a little wild at times! Fun fact, I don’t ever straighten my hair, so what you see is what you get. I wear it up and in different style sometimes but it’s always all natural here!

How many of you have curly hair that you straighten, have you found any great curly hair products you love?!


I’m loving my new vintage looking oh so comfy suit from Albion Fit! Their whole new bathing suit line is so awesome!


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