When nothing else works

2017-02-19_0001Mr.Finn has been teething something fierce lately. He has decided to get two molars and two other teeth all at once. He holds it together pretty well most days but today was just rough for the poor little guy. He was quite the fuss bucket all day until finally I decided to strip him down and let him run around naked. His mood changed instantly, he was just happy as could be and thought everything was hysterical. Then he proceeded to pee and poop on my floor but fortunately it was on the wood and cleaned up easily!

Noah decided to climb in our new little toy bin to play peek a boo with Finn, so naturally Finn wanted to be in the box too and then Flossie had to join in the fun. Oh the things we do to keep sane when our little ones try and push us over the edge. I have a happy heart but I feel like a could sleep for a week straight. I’m not in that newborn fog anymore but still feeling complete exhaustion at the moment. Someone send sweet tea, chocolate and 24 hours of sleep please!


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