Pearl & Ruby/Tips for Indoor Pet Piggies


Since I haven’t shared about Piggy care much lately I thought I would share a few things about having a pet piggy in the house today. I’m going to tell you about our girls routines to give you an idea of their daily care and if you have any questions let me know below and I will answer them in our next piggy post.

Pearl and Ruby have their own bedroom in our house. It works out so nice for them to have their own safe place to nap and hang out. They have tons of blankets in their room because they love to burry themselves with blankies! Often when I go into to let them out they’ll both be all cuddled up under all the blankets with just their little noses poking out! They also have a litter box in their room for if they can’t wait to go outside.

Pearl and Ruby sleep in their room at night and they go outside first thing in the morning to go potty, eat and get some fresh air. Depending on the weather they stay outside for just a short time if it’s cold or they’ll stay outside for several hours if it’s during warmer months. We have a huge yard that’s fenced in for them and at the end of the yard we have a sandy beach and lake so they can roll in the sand or swim in the water. There’s plenty of places for them to root in the mud and grass and also a little woods with leaves to roll around in! They absolutely love to be outside! I let them in and out about five times a day, that way they have lots of opportunity to go potty outside. They are very similar to puppies in so many ways having to go potty often and like to take lots of naps. They also love to eat and drink so we feed them small portions of pig food, veggies and water several times a day so that they are full and content but don’t over eat and make themselves sick. They also seem to not be able to hold it as long as some dogs which is why I try and let them out often to go potty. They are big nappers and can get overheated and sun burned which is why even on warm days I will let them back in to rest and have a great from the weather throughout the day.

Then they get inside playtime either in our playroom downstairs or they come upstairs to play. Wherever they are they are always on the hunt for something to eat so you have to keep anything edible or that looks or smells like it could be edible up off the ground. It has taken us sometime to figure out the best ways to live with piggies in the home but we have a great system now. I would highly recommend a fenced in yard if you are looking to add a pig to the family as the outdoor playtime is huge for them. You will also have to child or piggy proof your home to make sure your pigs can’t get into anything that will harm them or that they shouldn’t eat. Pigs can make great pets and give lots of love but they do require more special care than a dog so be sure you are ready to accommodate for all their needs!


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