Snow Bunnies


Don’t you love when you get a burst of creative energy?! It seems most days that my creative cup is sucked dry with the dailyness of life, you know it, breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks in between, dishes, laundry, picking up and on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I love it all and wouldn’t change a thing but the truth is that it doesn’t allow for much creative thinking now does it.

Being a mom of three babes and what seems like a million critters someday’s, if I want to be creative or inspired or do something fabulous I have to set aside the time. I have to write it down, plan it, schedule it or else just drop everything I’m doing the minute an idea hits me and just do it. Most days that doesn’t get to happen and planning projects and creative times is best for me but on this particular day I imagined the beautiful Miss Libby in a fancy dress in the snow wearing my pink pom pom hat and holding a fluffy bunny. It was super cold out but nice enough to have her outside for just a few minutes so I threw her outfit together grabbed Petunia and out we headed! Of course a bribe was made, I believe it was hot chocolate and marshmallows in exchange for a smile and no coat in the freezing cold. It was worth it for us both and now I have these beautiful images to remind me that I need to just stop and take the time to be creative. Creativity doesn’t happen on it’s own and the damn truth is that the dishes will still be there in thirty minutes or even tomorrow.

So here’s my photography tip for you today or a life in general tip. Yolo, just do it, plan it, dream it, make it happen. Whether your idea takes weeks or months to plan and put together or you can hop up and make it happen in just five minutes. Stay creative, keep creating, for yourself first and then for everyone who loves what you do. Creating beautiful things makes me happy, like really, really happy. I love sharing it here with you, but the honest truth is I would still create even if you weren’t here to see because creating is inside me, it’s who I am and it’s what makes me tick. If you’re anything like me I recommend making it a priority in your life to create the beauty that is in your head and heart on a regular basis, you will be a better person because of it, I know I am. And one of the best parts for me as that I get to spread joy when I’m done and share it with you, maybe your creativity can touch those around you and inspire others too! Now get out there and dream, create and repeat!


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