Sweet Dreams


We have been inspired by the vision of @LayBabyLay and @Beds4Kids as they strive to provide beds for children who have none.

Their goal  “giving the next generation a place to dream, and inspiring them to do so” resonates in our hearts. When I tuck my children into their cozy beds at night, my heart breaks for the little ones who don’t have a comfortable place to sleep and dream.

Buy 1—Give 1.  Our goal is to sell 100 one of a kind sweeties by October 23 so that we can then donate sweeties to be given to each child who receives a bed.

When you tuck  your little one into bed with their new sweetie, say a prayer for the child who will be sleeping in THEIR new bed, snuggling THEIR new sweetie thanks to your generosity!

Thanks for helping us reach our goal to help others have sweet dreams too!


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