Sweet Flossie The Mini Labradoodle


I’ve had lots of you asking what breed of dog our sweet Flossie is so I thought I would share a little about her here! She is a mini Labradoodle and we adopted her from Crossfield Doodles whom we adore! We did a lot of research before settling on this breed and this breeder. I know many of you are concerned that we did not rescue Flossie but after much looking for a rescue pup we decided that for our life with three small children and many other animals that we have rescued it would be best to get a puppy that we knew would have a good, easy going temperament and that we could train to get along with everyone from the start.


Flossie is a sweetheart, she loves the kids, loves playing and loves cuddling! We’ve been working on basic training right now like going potty outside and come and sit, as long as we are consistent with her she is consistent with us. She is very smart and eager to learn. She was Noah’s Christmas present so he is doing a lot of the training which I love because I feel that it is so good to teach children responsibility to care for animals at a young age and also how to love and respect them which in turn helps them be more kind and loving to everyone!

I will be sure to update everyone on her temperament, behavior, training and more soon. I am excited to share the next post about her which is how to get your new puppy used to the rest of the animals in the home!


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