What’s your restart button?

We all have those days, the ones where nothing seems to go right, or we are just exhausted from a sleepless night, or overwhelmed at the coming week. Sometimes we go through phases in life where it seems that we need a restart button everyday, and other times we can glide on smoothly for several days or even a week until we feel the need for that fresh start. What is the thing for you that helps clear your thoughts and helps you start fresh with a new positive attitude? 
For me it’s walks with my crew. Sometimes we go in the evening to end the day as best we can and other times we drop everything in the middle of a crazy day to help change the mood and get a second chance at making it work. The fresh air and fuzzy critters running all around us almost immediately perk up our moods and put us in a happy place! The kids are free to run and play without being nitpicked or told what to do every five seconds and I love watching them all have such a good time. It helps put things into perspective for me and gives me the appreciation and patience I need to be my best me. 

I’m not sure what your restart is, maybe it’s taking the kids to the park, having a play date with girlfriends, taking some time for yourself with your morning coffee; but whatever it is I highly recommend figuring out what that thing is that helps you be the best you and allow yourself time to do it regularly! You’ll thank yourself for this, I promise!

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